Learning Custom Rug Fabrication is a Rewarding Experience

Sundari Design LLC is a creative enterprise. We take pleasure in the design and fabrication process from start to finish. From design emerges the template, and from the template we create the product. In the final stage we carve and sculpt the design details into a work of art.   

Sundari Design LLC, was recently launched by Russell Webb. Formerly Mastercraft Carpet Makers, Sundari Design’s focus is now aimed at teaching the art of fine custom rug fabrication. Russell is an experienced artisan and entrepreneur with a passion for his artistry and a keen business sense. He began his entrepreneurial efforts in 1991, and for 28 years has operated a thriving rug making business. Russell and his support team have designed and fabricated hundreds of custom rugs for residential and business customers across the United States. Each rug was hand-made with care and produced with industry-leading quality.

Now we’re excited and ready to teach you how to jump start your own unique and reward filled business working directly from home. Ask yourself: Do I know anyone else doing this craft? Have I ever heard of an opportunity like this? The answer is usually: no I haven’t. And this is why it’s such a great opportunity. It’s wide open for you. It’s time to discover why this is such a unique business opportunity. It’s time to learn this step by step rug making system and create stunning custom rugs that say WOW!