The Ultimate Wall Tapestry



We all know that tapestries are rich in history, but did you know that tapestries date back as far as 3rd century BC in Greece?This form of textile art has a modern counterpart in the form of Carpet Sculpture. With recent advances in technology, carpet sculpture has emerged as a genuine option in creating, I dare to say, the ultimate wall tapestry.

The ultimate wall tapestry made from broadloom carpet

Unlike woven tapestries, the medium of a carpet sculptor is broadloom carpet. The differences between the two methods are akin to a comparison between a flat 2 dimensional plane and a depth oriented 3 dimensional plane.

The common two dimensional tapestries are produced on vertical looms, whereas the three dimensional broadloom tapestries are produced through a sophisticated inlay process. We build these rugs on table-top surfaces.

The 3-D effect is only established when the details of the tapestry are carved and beveled by a well trained carpet sculptor. We are using a special high speed carving tool specifically designed for rug makers. This carving style can reflect simple clean lines or more advanced bas-relief like effects.

Integrating multiple carpet styles for effect.

There are numerous carpet styles that can be integrated into a broadloom tapestry, these range from short dense pile heights to the thicker plush styles. Furthermore the style can have a loop element or even a patterned design. Often a tapestry will reflect a few broadloom styles within the whole composition. See some of our other projects for inspiration.

This versatility in design makes the broadloom tapestry an attractive choice for wall hangings in corporate or residential interiors. They are particularly suitable for large scale applications. The scaled up versions can be installed in panel sections that are seamed together invisibly. Smaller Tapestries can be professionally mounted and hung like a traditional tapestry.


Inspirations in tapestry designs can originate with a photograph, a style of art, or a unique theme like horse racing, golfing, or a landscape setting. They can even reflect a story or a family history. Get some ideas from our past projects page.

In wrapping up this article, we’ve seen a fascinating glimpse into the evolving world of modern textile art. Broadloom tapestries have taken on a new 3-dimensional look that captures the attention of art enthusiasts and expresses a depth never before seen in tapestry making.

All the Best,

Russell Webb
Sundari Design LLC

PS: yes, I made this Buddha Tapestry many years ago and I still have the ‘ultimate wall tapestry’ to this day. I have another post detailing the project, coming soon.