Sundari Rug Art Training System – DIY.

Our Home Study training package is ideal for the motivated DIY hobbyist or craftsperson. Now anyone can create elaborate, custom rugs using the techniques of the pros! This training package provides everything you need to get started and start expressing your creativity. Decorate your house and offer meaningful, practical gifts to those you love. Teach your children and grandchildren the fine art of rug-making.

This unique training system includes all of our comprehensive rug-making instructional DVD’s, our Designer Series Rug Collection Artwork, and Online Technical Support.

Lynn-c-up-smWe’ve developed each lesson with you in mind, using an easy-to-follow, self-paced format. So you’ll enjoy learning and following along, learning tips on common mistakes beginners can avoid. Replay the training DVD’s as many times as you’d like.

Learn the fine art of custom rug fabrication from industry experts while still working at your existing job. If building a business is your desire, then work part-time until sales reach a sustainable level. Discover the freedom of working for yourself and the pride of creating something timeless and beautiful. Reference the DVD training videos as often as needed. It’s like having your own coach alongside you at every stage.











Complete Training Package Includes:

Three Training Session DVD’s

Watch step-by-step demonstrations and get exclusive tips from learned industry professionals. It’s like having a private tutor in your own home! Our comprehensive DVD series covers the seven-step process, introduces each tool and offers instruction on proper use, explores advanced bas-relief techniques, tool maintenance and troubleshooting. Watch each lesson as many times as you need. Includes these DVDs:

DVD No. 1: Design, Inlay, Backing and Edge-binding
DVD No. 2: Carving and Sculpture – All levels
DVD No. 3: Refined Fabrication Techniques & Shortcuts
DVD No. 4: Fabric Border Inlay Technique *BONUS*

Designer Series Rug Collection

An outstanding collection of 50 Custom Rug Designs. This collection features a handful of striking designs and themes with a proven track record. Features a print catalog w/ Illustrator ready vector files on thumb-drive.

Access to our Online Vault

This is our membership area. Featuring video tutorials and any new developments industry wide. Think of it as an organic knowledge base, always fresh and changing as the times change.

– Your Resource Center

– Troubleshooting

– New Training Methods

– New Tools

– Video Tutorials

– Case Studies

Home Study
Training Course Cost

The Home Study Training System is based on a DIY approach – It’s a Do-it-Yourself model. This is an entry level training package. It does not include equipment or tooling, however we provide you with a list of vendors to acquire tools you will need. Eventually, we will offer a basic equipment and tooling package. Coming soon.