Sundari Rug Art Training System

A Professional Training System – 4 Day / 40 hour Intensive.


Our four day (40 hours) hands-on, Custom Rug Fabrication Training System is the ideal foundation for any new sole proprietorship or partnership. If you’re ready to start your own business, earn revenue in as little as one month and commit to our four-day, intensive training sessions, this is the ideal program for you.

You will get four days and 40 information-packed hours of direct, hands-on training at the Sundari Rug Art Training Center in scenic Sedona, Arizona, just an hour and a half north of Phoenix. Take home all of the resources, DVDs and samples that you make. This program offers valuable peer networking opportunities. Ask questions and get answers from the experts. Gain the one-on-one career training you need to truly master the art of rug-making. Learn the business basics that you’ll need to launch a successful company. Then return home to put each lesson to work.

We’ve developed each lesson with you in mind, using an easy-to-follow, self-paced format. So you’ll enjoy learning and following along, learning tips on common mistakes beginners can avoid. Replay the training DVD’s as many times as you’d like to refresh your memory, or bookmark important techniques for future reference in the information-packed: Definitive Start-up Guide.

Learn the fine art of custom carpet sculpture from industry experts while still working at your existing job. Work part-time until sales reach a sustainable level. Discover the freedom of working for yourself and the pride of creating something timeless and beautiful. Retain all of our training materials, including our DVD series and start-up guide, for future reference. It’s like having your own coach alongside you at every stage.









Complete Training Package Includes:

Three Training Session DVD’s

Watch step-by-step demonstrations and get exclusive tips from learned industry professionals. It’s like having a private tutor in your own home! Our comprehensive DVD series recaps the seven-step process, introduces each tool and offers instruction on proper use, explores advanced bas-relief techniques, tool maintenance and troubleshooting. Watch it when you return home from your training intensive, then reinforce each lesson as many times as you want. Includes these DVDs:

DVD No. 1: Design, Inlay, Backing and Edge-binding
DVD No. 2: Carving and Sculpture – Beginning to Advanced
DVD No. 3: Refined Fabrication Techniques & Shortcuts
DVD No. 4: Fabric Border Inlay Technique *BONUS*

The Definitive Start Up Guide

Get everything you need to plan, organize and structure your exciting new business! The Definitive Start-up Guide includes an easily adaptable business plan with sample marketing calendar, an introduction to sales and marketing your start-up, our proprietary 10 minute bidding formula, a cost analysis for each of the 7 steps, sample contracts, and advice on setting up your own rug making studio. You also get details on how to find top-quality designs for your clients.

Report: Top 9 Revenue Streams

Learn about the Top 9 most profitable revenue streams in Carpet Sculpture. This report gives you a detailed background perspective on each of these markets. You can focus on a few or embrace them all.

Designer Series Rug Collection

An outstanding collection of 50 Custom Rug Designs. This collection features a handful of striking designs and themes with a proven track record. Features a print catalog w/ Illustrator ready vector files on thumb-drive.

Custom Rug Making Tool Package

Tooling and equipment package. A practical collection of rug making gear. Includes the most important tools you’ll need to fabricate these gorgeous custom rugs. Some additional tools may be required and can be sourced online at your convenience.

Training Facility in Scenic Sedona, AZ

Our 4 day, 40 Hr Training Intensive is taught in Sedona, AZ. During the busy training schedule, you can take a break for lunch at any of the nice restaurants within a five mile radius from our studio. Bell Rock – pictured above – is less than a mile away. Enjoy these surroundings while you learn the Art of Carpet Sculpture.

Training Course Costs