Learn How to Make Art Rugs



“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination”. This is my absolute favorite aspect of custom rug fabrication. And you too can learn how to express your imagination by making art rugs just like you see here. Notice these designs are organic shapes and have free flowing edges. They are completed rugs with nonslip backing and edge binding. How cool is that?

Learn How to Make Art Rugs

Making art rugs was always on my mind when I began my journey as a rug maker. Everywhere I looked, ideas were popping up on my little radar. I would make notes on these and stash them away… for those rainy days. Eventually, I began some side projects – Rug Art – using left over remnants of carpet from earlier projects. I hang them on the walls in my rug workshop, and sometimes I sell them. This is the time to step outside the box and do what you love creatively. 

Create Rug Art Pieces for Your Art Show

Recently, I devoted my summer months to creating a collection for an art show in Sedona. I focused on ancient symbols like the OM symbol, Flower of Life, and the Sri Yantra. The Sri Yantra design features mixed media, glass drops, that were inlaid into the design around the perimeter. It was a fun show with loads of traffic. From a marketing standpoint, it helps to get the word out and cross promote with other events happening at the same time.

In case you were wondering, the blue rug features a silhouette of a very famous deity known as Kali Ma. She is the Destroyer of Ignorance. The black symbolizes ’emptiness’, and the demon heads she holds represent the wisdom seeker’s ignorance, which she appropriately severs for the seeker… liberation follows. She has gruesome qualities that I find absolutely adorable. On the flip side, she can be a golden, beautiful goddess as well. She has her moods.

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Russell Webb
Sundari Design LLC

Check out this video explaining the meaning and purpose of the Sri Yantra.

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