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Our training programs are designed for entrepreneurs and hobbyists. This is the only comprehensive rug making training program that we have seen in the United States. The programs are tailored for both the DIY (do it yourself) and Business Opportunity markets. Here are a few pointers on how to learn expert rug making… right here in the USA. 


Unlimited Creative Potential

There is always high demand for custom, one-of-a-kind type of products. In over 30 years, we’ve teamed up with furniture designers, interior decorators, wall muralists, and iron fabricators, and wood workers. Sometimes the rug design plays off these other artists creations, and vice-versa. Over the years, we have also made custom art rugs for artists and their art gallery shows. And even recently we put together an art showing of our own work. I’ll link to that post here when it’s ready.   

Training System for Entrepreneurs

Learn expert rug making from the Pros and in person when you commit to the entrepreneurs path of training. This is a 4 day / 40 hr hands-on training program with pro rug maker Russell Webb and his team. From start to finish we review and practice our unique 7 Step System we have designed for beginner students. 

We make a beautiful sample together and we give a second professionally made sample for you to take home. All of the details of this program are found here on the home page.

Home Study Training System - DIY

This training system provides everything you need to get started and start expressing your creativity. Learn the 7 Step system at your own pace, and catch a preview of what this program looks like by requesting the free guide, here at the bottom of this page. Learn how to set up a garage based rug fabrication studio. Then decorate your house with beautiful rugs and offer meaningful, practical gifts to your friends and family. Teach your children and grandchildren the fine art of rug-making.

This program is an entry level system and is suitable for future entrepreneurs who feel they have the discipline to move forward without any in-person training.

Rug Art: Learn the Art of Carpet Sculpture

Carpet Sculpture is the crème de la crème of rug making as an art form. Very few rug makers have this skill set, and having this skill will separate you from all of your competition. Carpet sculpture requires a nice thick plush carpet to ‘sculpt’ and with this canvas anything becomes possible. 

Capture a three dimensional perspective by carving and beveling in layers, or create luxurious bas-relief effects like this image here. Wealthy buyers love this look and will pay handsomely for it.

That’s all for now, for more insights; explore the many articles in the ‘Advice & Tips‘ section on this site. Schedule an appointment anytime when you’re ready to learn more about this creative opportunity.

All the Best,
Russell Webb
Sundari Design LLC 

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