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best home based business

Looking back to the the early years in my career as a rugmaker, I can say without hesitation, this was one of the best home based business opportunities that I encountered at the time. There were a few standout reasons that inspired me to make the move. I’ll share these with you today.

There is unlimited creative expression.

This was the big one for me. I could see the design possibilities were unlimited. I could design and manufacture any custom rug that I imagined. This was important to me at the time because I had been stifling my creative side, which was very active when I was younger and in school.

I have since learned there are personality types that really need this creative expression. Creativity can be expressed in many ways, of course, and for some folks they find what works for them and engage. I always support this type of expression and try to acknowledge this with anyone who’s out there doing it. Are you doing something cool and creative with your life? Your career? Send me a link to your work, I’d love to see it.

The ‘creative’ personality type who is not actively creating but instead doing menial work, career-wise, is prone to all sorts of negative mental states; depression, melancholy, and confusion. If only there was a way to do something creative, express yourself, and get paid for it? This is one of those creative home based businesses. And there is another factor for some of these creatives, the hands-on tactile approach: Working with your hands.

Hands-on custom rug making

I call it hands-on and while the term may be outdated, it’s an accurate description of this work. There are countless trades and craftsmen and women working within those trades who are working with their hands, and wouldn’t have it any other way. They need to be out there doing stuff; like the burners at the burning man festival. Bless those lovely souls. I’ve worked with some of these talented artists and I could see that any one of them could apply their skills and pivot right into my line of work, and vise versa.

In fact, in some instances I have shifted my attention into other fields. Some skills cross over effortlessly. I’ve made great big pow-wow drums, I’ve painted large wall murals, I’ve built websites, and now I’m prototyping and coding an app for a super-cool card deck that I created in illustrator: destined for the android / ios platforms. This is par for the course with creative types like myself. Maybe you too?  

This is why it's the best home based business.

Yes, there are plenty of home based business opportunities out there. Most of these will have you sitting in front of a computer and dealing with all the consequences that come with that; sitting all day and staring at computer screens. Not my idea of a satisfying career. 

From a creative perspective this business is a winner. When I’m in production mode, making rugs like Art Rugs, I’m truly in my element. While I’m semi-retired now, I’ll always have those memories of rolling out a completed custom rug project and seeing the look on my clients face. Wow! 

All the Best,

Russell Webb
Sundari Design LLC

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