Sundari Rug Art – Bio

The company was launched by Russell Webb in 1991. Russell is an experienced artisan and entrepreneur with a passion for his artistry and a keen business sense. He founded Sundari Rug Art in 1991, and for 28 years he has operated a thriving sole proprietorship. Over the course of his business, Russell and his support team have designed and created hundreds of custom rugs for residential and business customers across the United States. Each rug was hand-made with care and produced with industry-leading quality.

Russell’s natural talents for design aesthetics and craftsmanship have earned praise and recognition. Several of the company’s exquisite rugs were featured in Designer Home Showcase tours, including the prestigious Pasadena Design House in California. In addition to high-end residential customers, Sundari Rug Art has created Corporate Art Tapestries for Chevron Corporation as well as other high-profile corporate and government clients, including Verizon, Time Warner, the Los Angeles Times, the United States Army and the US Pentagon.






Our Training Philosophy:

Sundari Rug Art is focused on creating the finest quality handcrafted carpets and rugs. These high standards are integral to our Training System. We encourage future entrepreneurs / trainees to develop a first rate business model. We will assist you with customized solutions in the development of your business plan. We encourage every entrepreneur / trainee to make a firm commitment to learning the art of marketing and salesmanship. We will be available for coaching and guidance for the first 12 months of your new business start-up.

We encourage you to take the next step by subscribing to our mini-course, located at the bottom of this page. We go into more detail about our story, the floor covering marketplace, and the training programs we offer.

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Sundari Rug Art developed this four part mini course based on industry research, successful habits, and 25+ years of experience.

In Part I of the Sundari Rug ArtCarpet Making System Mini-Course, we’ll explore the area rug industry, how it works and why it’s in such high demand. You’ll also get acquainted with our unique custom carpet fabrication business model. Register today!

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