Learn the Fine Art of Custom Rug Fabrication with our 7 Step Training System

Gain financial freedom with a creative, satisfying, and entirely unique home based business opportunity.


Here’s a question aimed at those of you seeking financial independence:  Are you on that popular treadmill earning a living from paycheck to paycheck? If so, you are in good company. This is the reality for 80% of the workforce in the US – That’s 4 Out of 5 workers! Isn’t it about time to break free from this relentless cycle and take the path towards financial independence?

Let’s add a new key factor: How about owning and operating a creative and lucrative business? A business that rewards you with praise and compliments and a fat wallet: “Wow! What a Gorgeous Rug. You Made This?”

It’s a Fact. And we’ve been hearing this for 28+ years. We’ve produced hundreds of custom rug projects for residential and corporate clients. We will teach you how to excel at fabricating these beautiful Rug Art pieces!

Learn How to Create and Fabricate High-End Custom Rugs and Tapestries

Sundari Rug Art Training System

There are Two Courses Available: Hands-On and Home Study

Professional Training System

From start to finish: You will review and practice our unique 7 Step system we have designed for beginner students. This is a 4 day / 40 hr hands-on training program with Pro Rug Maker Russell Webb and his team. Designed for Entrepreneurs and Hobbyists alike. Includes all of the Home Study materials and more.

Explore the Entrepreneurs Training Course Below

Home Study Training System

This unique training system includes all of our comprehensive rug-making instructional DVD's, including the 7 Step System, our Designer Series Rug Collection Artwork, and Online Technical Support. Our Home Study training package is ideal for the motivated DIY hobbyist or craftsman.

How it Works

How to Get Started

Get Started in 3 Easy Steps

1. Learn More: Explore our 7 step process by subscribing to our FREE guide: Discover How to Build Stunning Custom Rugs in 7 Steps. You'll find it here on this home page below.

2. Schedule a free consultation. Email us or call to request an appointment. Check Availability: Schedule a training date - book a slot for your 4 Day / 40 hour training class.

3. Travel to our training facility in the gorgeous red rocks of Sedona AZ. Prepare to be amazed at what you will accomplish.

Why settle for a meaningless job with Zero future potential?

Accelerate your career path by learning the fast track system of this unique trade. You will hurdle past five years of struggle and costly mistakes using our system.

Your future earning potential is going to change. You will be forging your way through an exciting transition in your life.

If you follow our guidance: In a few short months you will know exactly how to make sales and deliver the goods. Between months 3 and 6 you will have recouped your entire investment in yourself. You will have a new skill set and it feels great!


We can help. All it takes is a short conversation.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

What Our Commercial Clients are Buying.

Here's What You Get With Our On-Site Training Course for Entrepreneurs

Business Start Up Training Manual

  • Business Plan – Example
  • Cost analysis on the 7 steps
  • Sales & Marketing advice 
  • 10 min job bidding formula
  • Support admin docs: contracts, production schedules, and more  

4 Day / 40 Hour Training in Sedona, Arizona

Four days of action packed training at our facility in Sedona, AZ. Expect the finest rug making training on the planet! You will learn the 7 step system from the pros with emphasis on repetition and refined rug making techniques. 

Report - Top 9 Revenue Streams in Carpet Sculpture

  • Top 9 Revenue Streams Identified
  • Some are in annual multi billion dollar markets with room to grow
  • Research indicates these markets are largely untapped by rug fabricators
  • Think in terms of themes that people love to identify with
  • Logos are one such theme

Set of 3 Training DVD's

The entire rug-making course has been professionally filmed and edited in 3 DVDs. The 7 steps are carefully demonstrated in detail. Close up demos on how to use each tool, quickly and professionally. Take these home to refresh your memory with what you learned from our team.

Get Our Secret Vendor List

  1. Access to our secret vendor list with our favorite suppliers
  2. Use this resource to save time and money
  3. Nearly 30 years of rug making experience has gone into this treasure 

50 Exceptional Rug Designs

  • 50 proven rug designs
  • Hard copy design book
  • Digital copy flash drive
  • Illustrator ready files
  • Change colors and tweak designs with ease

Bonus DVD

Bonus DVD - How to make exceptional fabric border rugs

This bonus dvd is a tutorial on creating custom fabric border rugs. A favorite option for designers and decorators. Learn how to integrate a beautiful fabric right into your rug design. Close up demos on how to measure your materials, apply adhesives, and create a stellar finished product.


Your Design Book

Here are a few examples of our design collection. There are 5 themes with 10 designs in each theme.

Questions and Answers

When you consider the nature of custom production in any field, you naturally factor in the cost of goods (materials), your overhead costs (electricity etc), and labor time. Labor time will vary with complexity of the project. 

On average, smaller rugs start at 500 range and go up to 1000. Medium size rugs are about 750 -3000 range. Larger rugs might start 1500 and can go very high, upwards of 5000 to 10,000. Confession: Our largest project to date was a 25 rug order at 4000 per rug, that was a nice 100k job we made for a corporate client. True!

We have a 10 minute bidding formula that has worked well for us, and we’ll share it with you.

Our system is a proprietary system, so we keep our techniques private and in-house. We can tell you, it is NOT a weaving system produced on a loom. It is also NOT a tufting gun process using spools of wool thread. Think along the lines of a mosaic process… almost.

Yes, you can make these rugs right from home. You can start by dedicating 1/2 your garage to this new endeavor. Imagine a worktable, say size 48″ x 96″ to start with, maybe 40″ high. I have exact blueprints for such a table. This work table, a few pieces of carpet, and some tools are all you need to get started… then if you’re like me: you take over the whole garage and make it into a stellar rug making studio.

One advantage I offer with these programs is I can safely tell you what NOT to buy. Some tools of the trade are unnecessary and will sit idle in your shop. I can guarantee this. I can save you hundreds and upwards of thousands of dollars by helping you choose your tools wisely.

Obviously you will need a handful of tools to get started. I offer a complete vendor list, with pricing estimates and links to buy direct from manufacturers. This is another great cost savings for you. The minimum cost for tooling set-up is around $3000.00 range. 

Good question. The answer depends on the time and complexity of the project. I am producing rugs faster now due to my experience. As you would expect, this will be the case for any aspiring fabricator. 

Expect 1-3 days for simple rugs, and about 7 days for detailed rugs. Then upwards of 2-3 weeks for fancy rugs, especially larger sizes. I can knock out logo rugs in 1-3 days, sometimes multiple rugs in that time frame. Intricate artistic pieces may take a month or two! Check out the mind-blowing ornate Buddha tapestry on this site, in the success stories section.

There are many avenues that lead to sales. Home owners and business owners are key market segments. We have identified 9 hyper active markets you can focus on. In fact, we have written a complete report on this: “Discover The Top 9 Revenue Streams in Custom Rug Fabrication” The area rug market alone has surpassed 1 Billion in annual sales. This is a massive marketplace with plenty of room to grow for custom fabricators.

Can you trace a design from a template? If so, then yes, you can succeed in this field. With so many fantastic resources available online, you have endless options. If you are uncomfortable creating designs, then let others do it for you. BONUS: We will supply you with a design catalog featuring 50 outstanding rug designs. Use and re-use as often as you need. PLUS we can show you where to find many more.

No. But it helps. Personally, I was involved in the carpet cleaning trade before I shifted gears into this glamorous field 😉. I knew how to clean rugs and do a few carpet repairs and that was about it. In our view, this is a trade with easy entry. Carpet is a soft floor covering and quite forgiving to work with… if mistakes are made, they can be fixed. This is opposed to hard surfaces like stone and tile that require more precision. Of course, as quality becomes your main focus, the need for precision in rug making will too. In time.